3D Crystal Heart Necklaces

3D Crystal Heart Jewelry is a unique piece of jewelry that is handcrafted by the world’s top jewelers. This heart shaped necklace is made using the highest quality crystal gems that are handcrafted in Italy. Each bead is hand painted by the finest artisans, giving each piece of jewelry the most intricate and beautiful design you can imagine. Each piece is hand sculptured and polished using high heat sandblasting and UV light to ensure it is of the highest quality. Each item of jewelry is designed to last for a lifetime and is made by the most skilled artisans in the industry.

When presented to someone that you love, this stunning necklace makes a bold statement. This beautiful keepsake will easily fit atop your shelf, desk or mantle and is beautifully packaged in a high quality black leather gift box with padded black satin inside. The 3D crystal heart necklace is a fine piece of jewelry that you will enjoy forever.

The sparkling heart is made of lustrous blue and turquoise beads set in 14k gold. Each bead has been carefully with extreme precision to give each necklace in the most vibrant colors. You will be astounded by the depth of color this necklace possesses as well as how natural it feels against your skin. Your loved one will truly appreciate the effort that was put into this necklace as it is sure to brighten up any room it finds itself in.

This stunning necklace is available in three sizes, which make it ideal for either women or men. If you want to pamper yourself, you may want to consider sizing up a large size as you will definitely be turning heads. The heart is about 10 inches long so it is quite manageable when worn by itself. You can wear it under clothes for a more sexy look or even display it alone and no one will even know that you are wearing a piece of fashion jewelry!

Heart necklaces come in several different finishes, but the most popular is sterling silver. Some also come in pewter and gold which offers another variety of options. You should first consider the style you would like before deciding on the finish or material for your necklace. You will be able to find all of the items you need to create a stunning necklace that will make any occasion special.

The 3D heart is the perfect way to turn any piece of jewelry into a stunning adornment. Whether you are looking for a necklace to compliment your dress or to wear alone, this jewelry will add that special something to any ensemble. It is the perfect addition to any heart shaped decor as well. Be prepared to receive love in the most special way any Valentine’s Day ever!