Selecting Your Crystal Keychain

The most striking feature of the crystal keychain is the clear frosted glass design with sterling silver plating making the gift item look like a work of art. The crystal keychain is a simple but functional gift which can be worn daily and will become an intrinsic part of your dress code. Made to suit all occasions, these beautiful crystal gifts are available in a plethora of styles and designs. Perfect for use on a day-to-day basis or given as a special gift on a special occasion, these crystal gifts will add that extra sparkle to your wardrobe.

The stunning crystal keychain comes in different colors such as Clear Silver, Polished Gold, Shiny Silver, Satin Black, Classic White, Champagne Red, and Cappuccino. The keychain comes in various styles such as: charm, square, round, triangle, heart, and twisted. The 7,95 Square Dangle Crystal Point Keychain is a compact keychain with a large satin-style crystal Point Design in the shape of a small heart. This sparkling crystal keychain will make a trendy statement whether worn daily or as an accent piece.

The crystal keychain is available in different shapes including: heart, square, rectangle, and round. The heart crystal keychain is a popular choice especially for events like weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries and Mothers Day among many others. The rectangular crystal keychain offers a chic and polished look making it perfect for an evening out or a picnic with friends. The heart shaped crystal keychain is great for those special moments in your life such as: when you were born; when you became a mother; when you became a wife; your first wedding day and many other memories.

The square crystal keychain can be used on any occasion such as: house warming, office parties, baby showers, corporate events, birthday parties, holidays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and on your way to work. The rectangular silver keychain is perfect for everyday wear and is one of the most popular shapes. The heart shape offers a romantic flair and is perfect for the woman who is looking for romance. If you are looking for a whimsical or fun gift then go for the crystal heart shaped crystal keychain. The square and heart keychain are available in sizes: 3, 9, 18, 23, and a half sizes.

The 9, 18, and 23 sizes are ideal for small to tall women who wish to have a keychain with various styles and sizes of points. The heart keychain is a popular gift and comes in sizes: 3, 9, and 18 sizes. The heart shape is perfect for those special moments in your life like: when you were born; when you became a mom; your wedding day; or your mother’s birthday. The square crystal keychain is made to look like a coin and is available in sizes: 3, 9, and 18 sizes.

The round keychain is available in sizes: 3, 9, and 18 sizes. A round crystal keychain is very popular because it looks beautiful both hanging from your purse or belt. It is also a very practical gift because it can be used as a pendant or bracelet. The natural crystal keychain is made from a white crystal and is available in sizes: 3, 9, and 18 sizes. The black keychain is a wonderful accessory and can add grace to any outfit.